Patricia has been a major help in my ongoing journey to be healthier. She took the time to put together a personalized plan based on my current eating habits and health issues and although it’s only been a couple of weeks, I am seeing a huge difference with how I feel and couldn’t be more pleased. I am very confident that this is working out and I will continue to reap the benefits for the rest of my life. If I ever have any questions, she is always available for advice and guidance. Thank you Patricia!
Just about to have my third smoothy, everything is still fine. Had a bit of a headache in the afternoon (I’m guessing because of the lack of coffee) but it went away. I’ve drank a ton of water too throughout the day as well as taken the supplements you told me.

~ Terry

I hired Patricia to help me sort out my unusual diet conditions. I am a vegetarian who is trying to avoid wheat, corn, dairy, and sugars. Patricia has taught me how to get the best nutrients out of my diet. She has consulted me on my vegetarian food choices and helped me to gain energy and loose extra unwanted weight. I have found her to be available for questions, very helpful when I’m confused or if things aren’t working and she offers solutions to my eating problems. Patricia listens to me and responds to my body’s needs and my wishes. I feel more energized, satisfied and dedicated to my new lifestyle through her guidance.

~ Sandy

Thank You Patricia! your practical advice, passion, support and nurturing helped me make small changes through small steps resulting with profound results. Thank You so much.

~ Noreen Barker

I have been privileged to be a client of Patricia Dominguez. She has guided me on this new journey to optimal health through a nutritional assessment, participation in her clinics and a cleanse program. Patricia is very knowledgeable and passionate. Her dedication and encouragement has helped me to understand and gain control of my eating habits. I feel revitalize from her recommendations. Patricia has also given me valuable tools such as practical recipes and meal plans to stay successful with my life long goals.

~ Michelle

As an elite level wrestler, getting through the endless training sessions and recovery periods are always a struggle. I was fortunate to have found Patricia, who prepared a customized diet and lifestyle plan to ensure I could have sufficient energy levels to endure and recover from rigorous training. I lost 8 kilograms, reduced fat, increased muscle and have enjoyed amazingly high energy levels. The menus and meal plans Patricia developed have been delicious and simple to prepare, and her support has improved my entire family’s health and wellness. I highly recommend Patricia’s services to an elite athlete, or anyone who would like to achieve peak performance within their given passions.
Patricia has been the missing element related to my performance in wrestling and I look forward to continue working with her as I continue my wrestling career at the university level.

~ Brodie McKenzie (Maple Ridge)