Say Cheers on Canada Day With a Nutrient-Dense Cocktail!!!


Canada Day!… Celebrate Canada’s multiculturalism with this Mexican Summer Blast Cocktail. Enjoy!!

Mexican Summer Blast Cocktail

(Agua de Sandia)

(Serves 6)

Agua de Sandia 1

No fruit says summer more than watermelon. Sandia makes the perfect agua fresca. Watermelon is naturally sweet, but not to the point of being sticky sweet. Watermelon has lots of antioxidants. All of these qualities make this water one of my favorites.

Did I mention this water is low in calories?



¼ fresh watermelon ( with rind weight 2.5 lb. or 1.13 kilo – without rind 1.1 lb. or 500 grams)

3 cups or 750 ml cold water

The juice from 2 large lime

4 dates

1 Tbsp. Goji berries

Ice cubes

Remove the rind and cut watermelon into cubes. Place the watermelon, lemon juice, dates and Goji berries in a blender with half the water. Blend the watermelon until it has completely broken down including the seeds if there are any. Pour the blend in a jar and add the rest of the water.


It’s best to allow the water to sit a bit before you serve it , so place inside the refrigerator or cover and leave on the counter for at least 30 minutes. When you are ready to server you can add a couple of ice cubes to each glass or just serve and enjoy. The Agua de Sandia will really only keep fresh for one day, it loses it taste and a bit of the color the next day.

Nutrient-Density Fact:

Goji berries are rich on Beta Carotene, antioxidants because of their oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) value.

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