Is Lemonade The Same as Lemon-Water?


I have heard many of my clients saying that they shouldn’t take lemon because is too acidic. This is partially correct.

Lemon is a citric fruit with acid taste and with a pH below 7.

Lemon Water RemedyBut inside the body, when lemon is fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is ALKALINE and therefore raises the pH of your body tissue above 7 (pH above 7 has an alkaline impact in the body).

This is important because in long-term acidic environments, normal cell structure and function are damaged. Broken down tissue dies and becomes toxic waste or develops chronic disease.

There is only one exception, and that is the environment of your stomach, where the hydrochloric acid is created for digestion of food to fuel your body.  This is why the stomach is internally lined with special cells to prevent the acid from burning through the stomach’s layers, which is a condition otherwise known as gastritis or stomach ulcer.

You may have also heard that the acidity of lemon juice reduces the healthy enamel on teeth.  This is true only if you suck on fresh lemons or limes all the time. To prevent your enamel, rinse your teeth thoroughly after eating lime or lemon.

But drinking lemon-water does not expose the teeth for excessive amounts of time to high citrus acidic levels in the mouth, thereby causing no harm to the enamel.  In fact, it improves plaque-stained teeth and bad breath.

You may have also heard that lemon juice causes cavities.  This is not true, the main cause for cavities is the excess of sugar (processed foods, pastries, candy, pop, cakes, breads, chocolate, etc.). These foods, when metabolized in the bloodstream, release excess of sugar, and because sugar is highly acidic, this leads to the breakdown of teeth, among many other symptoms of unbalanced health.

In conclusion, outside the body lemon juice is acidic, but inside the body after its minerals dissociate, its effect is alkalizing.  So in fact, lemon juice is both acidic and alkalizing.

Now, is Lemon-Water the same as Lemonade?

Again, yes and no.

Yes because both have the same ingredients until nasty sugar is added.

The No. 1 Benefits of Drinking Lemon-Water is:

It Alkalinize Your Body!

The S.A.D. :-(  Diet (Standard American Diet) has massive amounts of sugar creating an acid environment in the body which opens the gate for many chronic disease, low energy and excess of weight.

I recommend start drinking ½ cup of warm water with the juice of ½ real lemon or lime first thing in the morning for 8 weeks. This will gently clean your liver and alkalinize your whole body.


If you have strong acid reflux (heartburn) or ulcers it’s recommended to improve your digestion first and go gentle with the above remedy.

If lemon juice causes an irritating burning sensation, it’s because it has not yet been metabolized by the body and is still in its acidic state when passing the gastrointestinal track. This means you need to improve your digestion.

If you experience nauseas or vomiting just reduce the amount of juice to some drops and gradually increase it to ½ lemon. This means you really need to clean your body from toxins chemicals and waste mate

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