Are You Tired Of Yo-Yo- Diets? Don’t Lose Hope, Lose Weight Once And For All And Look Great!


Manzana con cinta metricaThe weight loss industry is a multimillionaire industry with many products in the market claiming to help you lose weight. There is information everywhere, magazines, books, television, internet, etc. But the reality is that every day the rate of obesity is increasing and the weight loss companies are getting richer.
The weight loss industry is taking the lead on how you spend your money to lose weight, rather than you asking yourself what‘s making you gain those extra pounds. Your health and your weight should be on your hands not on the hands of the weight loss industry.
Focusing on weight loss alone, the results are rarely permanent. While weight loss is important, it should not be the main goal. It should be a pleasant and a normal by-product of the road to the primary goal: Great Health.
Superior health is marked by an exceptionally long and relatively disease-free lifespan. Countless studies reveal that people with superior health are slim.
Learning how to achieve superior health, the ideal weight will follow naturally. First, it is important to understand how physical cravings cause overeating, as well as the psychological factors that can help to change this pattern of consumption. In other words, more than following a diet, it is important to create new, healthy behaviors that will eventually become effortless. This is so highly effective that it enables you to take control of your own health destiny. In other words, losing weight is a connection between your thoughts, taste, emotions and eating choices.
How to lose weight effectively 101:
1. Be positive
2. Be determinate for a real change, not dieting.
3. Drink 2 litres of water a day
4. Start your day with one piece of fruit (avoid grapes and banana)

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Prepared by: Patricia Dominguez
Registered Natural Nutritionist
Life Coach and Raw Food Consultant

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