3 Biggest Bloopers That Make Your Body, Toxic, Sick and Overweight


It’s well know that 99% of illnesses and diseases are develop in an acid environment of the body. The normal pH of a healthy body is slightly alkaline measuring approximately 7.4.

The body becomes acidic mainly because of

These 3 Biggest Bloopers:

Blooper No. 1 – Unbalanced meals.

unhealthy foodMeals too rich in acid-producing or inflammatory foods such as milk and dairy, beef, coffee, gluten, processed foods, pastries, candy, pop, cakes, breads, chocolate (not cacao). On the other hand, when the body is well nourished mostly with nutrient-dense alkaline foods, the body finds its optimal homeostasis and is capable to heal itself and prevent illness.

Acid food is not the problem, the problem comes when there is too much of this type of foods that the body becomes too acid.

Leazy women

Blooper No. 2 – Wear and tear your body

It’s a fact that our body was created to move. When you don’t move it in the right direction or abuse it with excess of weight or movement, the body deteriorates. Also, when you don’t move enough your body, it debilitates and ages faster.

Blooper No. 3 – Toxic Thoughts and Emotions  

Thoughts and emotions 1Repressed or unexpressed negative emotions, and persistent negative subconscious thought patterns. Thoughts and emotions guide your decision making – Behavior. Thoughts are real, physical things that occupy mental real estate. Moment by moment, every day, you are creating an alkaline or acid environment in your body changing the structure of your brain through your thinking.

When you hope and have faith, the mind changes its structure in a positive and normal direction. But, when you have repressed or unexpressed negative emotions and persistent negative subconscious thought patters, your brain becomes negative and toxic. When your brain is negative and toxic, you generate disease.

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